Accelerate auto sales with automated Craigslist posting. BulkCaster lets you post your inventory to Craigslist with the new, approved bulk-posting interface. See BulkCaster screenshots and more info.

Other sites force you to buy a minimum of 100 ads for their service; with BulkCaster we have no minimum purchase requirements. Learn More

With our automated bulk-posting interface we have little overhead so we can push that savings on to you. Pay for what you need, not for what the other companies dictate. Learn More

As you know, online leads are generated by vehicle detail pages. Posting a vehicle to Craigslist is essentially creating a new VDP for that car on one of the most used websites in the world. Learn More

BulkCaster's automated system can post your vehicles on a schedule basis. This will increase your chances of being on the top of the Craigslist vehicle listing (as sorted by newest-first).

We'll add your logos and watermarks to every single image for free